2024 Call for Entries

Wildlife of Lakewood

Photography Exhibition

Photo Credit: Molly Ostwald

Hosted by Lakewood Cultural Center Corner Gallery

organized in partnership with

Lakewood Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

Join the Wildlife Photography Exhibition! Exploring Lakewood's Natural Beauty!

Calling all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers! We invite you to be a part of something special – an exhibition that celebrates the vibrant wildlife of Lakewood, Colorado.

Our mission is simple yet profound – to increase awareness and appreciation for the remarkable animals and natural environments that contribute to the charm of Lakewood. By sharing everyday images of local wildlife, we aim to inspire sustainability not only within Lakewood but also in the larger world. By highlighting the beauty of our local wildlife, we hope to foster a deeper connection to nature and encourage responsible living.

Whether you're using a smartphone, point-and-shoot, or a professional camera, your snapshots have the power to tell stories of Lakewood's diverse wildlife, amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles. From the tiniest larvae to the majestic adults, we welcome all life stages, respectfully portrayed. Imagine a world where the click of your camera could make a difference – where your snapshots showcase the marvels of nature, but also inspire a sustainable future.

This exhibition welcomes residents of all ages and skill levels – from casual amateurs to seasoned pros. It's your chance to shine a spotlight on the wild beauty that graces our city.

Eligibility: Residents of Lakewood, Colorado are invited to participate, regardless of age or photography background. Submitted photographs must have been taken in Lakewood since January 1, 2021. For participants under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the release form during artwork drop-off.

Inclusivity and Selection: We value diversity and aim to include works from all artists. Submissions will be thoughtfully reviewed by a panel, including Lakewood curators and guest jurors, ensuring quality and relevance. Please note that not all submitted works may be included due to factors such as curation and space limitations.

Submission Guidelines:

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Ready to Submit? Use this online Submission Form.

Photo Drop Off and Pick Up: Lakewood Cultural Center, 470 S. Allison Pkwy


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By participating, you're contributing to a deeper understanding of the world around us. Let's capture the beauty of Lakewood's wildlife, one photograph at a time. Your lens, our world, a brighter future.

Have Questions? Drop us a line at WildlifeOfLakewood@gmail.com – we're here to help.


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